Self Discipline equals Results!

by Tommy on December 1, 2010

definition of discipline

Self-disipline is defined as==> correction or regulation of oneself for the sake of improvement…

and just like the picture above says ===> It is the bridge between goals and accomplishments!

Without commitment and self-discipline it is going to be near impossible to achieve your strength and fitness goals and any other goals you have in life for that matter.

You have to have the discipline to complete you workouts when scheduled…no matter how tired you are. Do something!


You have to have the discipline to eat the right foods and to not eat the wrong foods no matter what you are craving. If you have scheduled “treat” days in your nutrition plan then you need to have the discipline to follow the plan and not deviate. Because if you get off track once or twice then it starts becoming a habit.

Don’t get in the habit of bad habits!

I believe discipline comes from desire. If you want something bad enough you will have the discipline to do whatever it takes to get what you want.

If you desire to have a strong, healthy, chiseled body then you will do whatever it takes to get it that way.

If you want to do a particular job then you have the discipline to go to school, work your ass off, earn that degree or whatever the case may be and go out and get that job.

If you desire that girl or guy then you will have the discipline and the drive to do whatever it takes be with that person.

We all have particular wants, desires, and dreams in our lives that we wish to have. And it will take self-discipline, a correction or regulation of ones self and a never give up attitude to accomplish or improve on them.

Especially when it comes to getting a strong and healthy body and mind!

Think Strong, Look Strong, Be Strong!

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