Hit it and Quit it (in the gym)

by Tommy on February 15, 2011

Hit it and Quit it! Yes it may be something you are striving for when you go out on a Saturday night and are looking for that one night stand. But for the purposes of this post I want to share how to “Hit it and Quit it” in the gym for maximal muscle gain in minimum time!

I will save the “Hit it and quit it” on a saturday nite for another post!

couplesLet’s face it, if you are a normal person, with a regular job, family and other commitments you may find that you do not have enough time to get to the gym and get an effective workout in. Well I am here to tell you that there is a way to do it.

I get asked all the time how long I spend in the gym and when I say 30-45 minutes 3-4 times/ week I always get a crazy “you have got to be F-in kidding me” look!

For some reason people think that you have to spend hours and hours in the gym to gain muscle and lose fat. And that my friends could not be further from the truth! Now back in the day when I first sarted training at age 14 in 1988, I did spend hours in the gym. And although I did gain a lot of muscle I believe I wasted a lot of valuable time. And time has become a lot more precious to me as I get older.

Yes I still love going to the gym and being in that atmosphere…well i should say the right kind of gym that suits me and my goals and has the right people in it I want to be around.

Read this Post for my thoughts on that ==> Death of Fitness Centers

Nightlife in the barBut at the moment I do have another job and also a social life, so if I can limit my time to the gym at 30-45 mnutes 3-4 times per week I can still do all the other things I want to do and still reach my strength and fitness goals and that is what life is all about. You don’t have to become a slave to the gym and have no life to get the results that you want.

You may have to get better with time management and prioritize things but it can be done.

Now the way I have designed my workouts lately to get more done in less time is by using antagonistic pairing and super setting of exercises. I also have gone to either full-body days or upper/ lower splits. I either design my own or get them from programs like Muscle Gaining Secrets and Underground Strength Manual. These types of workouts have been tried and tested and are very effective for the “Hit it and Quit it” style of training.

Plus the less time you spend training the more time you spend resting and that’s when you actually grow muscle!

Here’s one of my favorite upper body “Hit it and Quit it” workouts:

1: BB Bench Press        4 X 6-8

2a: Chin-ups                 2 X 8-10 (Weighted if needed)

2b: DB Arnold Press   2 X 8-10

3a: DB Hammer Curls    2 X 8-10

3b: Bar Dips                  2 X 8-10

4: Hanging knee Raise  3 x 12-15

Rest 90 seconds between sets.

And if you don’t know, the exercises like 2a and 2b are a super-set pair meaning you will do 2a first rest 60 seconds then perform 2b rest 60 second perform 2a again and so on for the desired number of sets then move to exercise 3a and 3b do the same and so on. This type of training allows you to get more work done in less time but while still giving your body the recovery time it needs to get the maximum out of each set and rep.

The key is to really stay focused and you should be out of the gym with warm-up and post workout stretch in 45 minutes or less.

Also here’s a video of me performing a “hit and quit it” arm workout with a sled that I thought you might like to see


Give it a shot and let me know how that works out for you. Would love to hear your comments also.

Now get out there and “Hit it and quit it”!

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