Video: Awesome beach body athlete workout

by Tommy on December 2, 2011

I was recently on vacation in Laguna Beach California and while I was there I got with my good friend and fellow fitness trainer Magaly Aparicio.

LegsMagaly is in incredible shape for her age, and no I am not going to tell you her age! Take a guess if you would like. As a matter of fact put your guess in the comment section and we will see who comes the closest. And she just happens to have some of the best legs you will see on a woman. And that is not her in the picture. Check out the video and her website to see her.

Anyway you will see in the video, which we just happen to shoot on beautiful Laguna Beach, is a body-weight training video that you can do anywhere, anytime, no gym or equipment required. Yes I still prefer to be in the gym throwing the iron around but I also know the importance of taking breaks, especially when on vacation. Don’t get me wrong as you will see from the video it is a challenging workout and it goes to show you what you can do with just your body weight.

You will see I start struggling at the end of it and Magaly “the machine” just keeps going!

Here is the video! Enjoy!


Give it a try and would love to hear your comments on this.

Don’t forget to check out Magaly at for more bodyweight training videos!

Think, Look and Be Strong!

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