2011: The year of the MUSCLE

by Tommy on January 3, 2011

Tommy holding a kettlebellThe New Year is here so lets make 2011 the year of the Muscle. I always have and always will preach the importance of having muscle and the benefits it gives you.

And this is why it should be a priority of yours to add more muscle to your physique this coming year. And in keeping with the number 11, here are 11 ways you are going to add more muscle than ever before this year.

#1: Follow the path of most resistance!

Yes you read that right. The harder the exercise is, usually the better it is for you! So concentrate on more free weight movements and stay away from the machines which make things easier.

#2: Take less supplements and eat more natural foods!

Your nutrition plan should consist of eating all natural foods, lean meats and veggies, Stay away from processed junk in cans and boxes. If you cant kill it or grow it, don’t eat it! Supplements are there to supplement an already good diet not take the place of it. Also there is a lot of crap out there so save your money this year and stick to the basics that work. A good quality Whey protein source, Fish oil supplement, and a good multivitamin/mineral.

#3: Drink more water and less other crap!

Female with great six packConsume at least half your body weight in ounces of water daily. This is the most important and cheapest supplement you can take! Limit or just plain stay away from soda, sugary juices, energy drinks, and any other highly sweetened drink. And yes, coffee is ok, just don’t add a bunch of crap to it… I am trying to swear less in 2011 so I am using crap a lot!

#4: Lift heavy crap!

Yes this includes you girls! You want to build muscle then you have to lift the weight. The more weight you are lifting, the more muscle fiber you stimulate, therefore you will build more muscle! Stick to weights you can lift from 6-10 reps, and your last rep should look just like your first as far as your form goes.

#5: Do sprints:

Sprint up hill, on flat ground, side ways, backwards, pushing something and pulling something! You want to build muscular legs then sprinting is where it’s at! Look at how sprinters are built! Guess what they do? Enough said!

#6: Keep it simple!

Don’t over think things! Your program, or your diet. Give your workout program and diet program at least 4-6 weeks to work then adjust. Too many people change things too quickly without giving it time to work.

#7: Keep a training log!

Shawn Crawford in trainingThis goes along with #6. Keep track of what you are doing, How much weight you are lifting, body composition, and measurements.

Without knowing where you were when you started, your not going to be able to see if your making progress. Before and after pics are great for this. The camera does not lie!

#8: Surround your self with strong positive people!

You want to get bigger and stronger then hang out with people that are big, strong, healthy and positive! You become the people you most associate your self with!

#9: Manage your time better!

The #1 reason for people not being able to go to the gym or eat properly is “not enough time”. I say BULL CRAP! That’s just an excuse that you will keep using and you will never make progress. If you want something bad enough, like an awesome looking, healthy, physique then you will make the time to get it.

Look at your schedule and see how much time you watch TV for or waste time on facebook, or playing video games or doing other crap. I bet you can find 30-45 min in there where you can get a workout in and also prepare some good meals!

#10: Read more!

You not only have to exercise your body but also your mind! I personally like to read motivation books, training manuals, and fitness related articles. Find something you are interested in and read. Even if its 30 min before bed.

#11: Stop complaining!

Stop complaining!Complainers are CRAP Magnets! Instead of complaining about how bad things are or making excuses as to why you dont have the body you want, just take some action and change it! You are the only one who can help you!

So there you have it. It’s not rocket science or some magic formula! Would love to here your comments below.

All the best for 2011!

It’s time to gain some MUSCLE!

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